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Swimwear Trends You Need To Know

January 26, 2018
Swimwear Trends, Top Trends

The swimwear industry is one that is ever-evolving, ever-changing, ever-developing. There’s always a new style, silhouette or trend to try. While we’re currently in a deep freeze, the warm-weather we’re craving will be here before we know it (and not a minute too soon!)

These are the trends we’re currently loving for Resort 2018.

Ruffles, Ruffle Swimsuit

Romantic and feminine, ruffles take center stage as one of our trends we’re loving for Resort 2018. Ruffles are attention-grabbing, in the best way. They add whimsy to your warm-weather wardrobe. We love styles that balance flounce and frill with sleekness and ease. Shop the trend here.


Strappy Swimsuits, Lace Up Swim

Laces are no longer just for your sneakers. Taken straight off the runway, there are plenty of creative ways to strap up for spring, both subtle and in your face. Strappy details and lace-up looks are here to stay. Shop the trend here.

Striped Swimwear, Striped Swimsuit

Bold, bright and brilliant – stripes are the perfect accent to your vacation style. Whether tonal, muted stripes are your style or you prefer to stand out in a myriad of color, striped swimsuits are the best accessory for your beach day. Shop the trend here.

Floral Swimwear, Flower Swimsuit

I know, “florals for spring… groundbreaking.” But in all seriousness, florals aren’t going anywhere. Every year, florals are reinvented in a way that makes them fresh, feminine and fashionable. Bottom-line, florals for spring are mandatory. Shop the trend here.

One Piece, One Piece Swimsuit

The days of boring, frumpy one-piece swimsuits are long gone. These are not your mother’s one piece suits. One-piece swimsuits can still be sexy – in fact, we think one-piece swimsuits may even be sexier than a traditional bikini! You heard it here first! Shop the trend here.

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